• 00:39:11 ⓢ peggylo Thanks ael~ NHI will reply me in few days. I’ll update further info here~~~
  • 03:36:02 ⓢ caroline.smith @undefined @undefined Hi ladies and thank you SO SO much for your connection and reply!
  • 03:36:44 ⓢ caroline.smith I'll post a longer summary in the full chat to give you more background!
  • 04:01:52 ⓢ caroline.smith Hi everyone! It's so nice to be here and part of this community! Thank you @undefined for the invite!
  • 04:01:53 ⓢ ↵ My name is https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolinekyungaesmith/ and I'm a Design Strategist with the https://www.usds.gov/. I'm supporting the https://www.cms.gov/ with a mutli-year effort to modernize. Part of that is enabling Interoperability. Another part of that is transforming the fee-for-service technical infrastructure to allow for paying for Value Based Care.
  • 04:01:54 ⓢ ↵ It's no secret that the USA's health care system is massively dysfunctional. I recently finished this great book by T R Reid called "The Healing of America" where he went to countries with great healthcare systems around the world. The stories he told of France's Carte Vitale or Taiwan's complete and successful overhaul of their healthcare system in the very recent past made me drool!
  • 04:01:55 kcwu slackbot2's url (2/3): [United States Digital Service]
  • 04:01:55 kcwu slackbot2's url (3/3): [Home - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services | CMS]
  • 04:01:55 ⓢ ↵ I was wondering if there was anyone on here who might have contacts of people who work at Taiwan's Ministry of Health, specifically who work on the technology side. We at USDS would love to learn about your technical environments and design decisions and best practices as we look to transform our own tech to support different ways of paying for care, at scale, and also support Interoperability.
  • 04:01:56 ⓢ ↵ While our country might not have the political appetite to move to universal healthcare just yet, we at USDS are hoping to build the tech infrastructure to enable it, should the day eventually come :slightly_smiling_face:
  • 04:01:57 ⓢ ↵ Feel free to reply to me here, to DM me or to send me an email to <mailto:caroline.smith@cms.hhs.gov|caroline.smith@cms.hhs.gov>! Also, if you want to learn more about USDS or our work at CMS, happy to chat! This work is so important and we're just trying to do our best!!
  • 04:11:36 ⓢ caroline.smith I loved this https://thediplomat.com/2019/05/taiwan-seeks-to-share-its-advances-in-digital-healthcare/ that spoke about: "the MediCloud system, which was launched to enable healthcare providers to query patients’ medical records within the NHI system, while the PharmaCloud system provides prescription drug information to physicians and pharmacists. Currently, through digital cloud tools, community-based primary care pr
  • 04:11:37 ⓢ ↵ test reports — including CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, gastroscopies, colonoscopies and X-rays — from secondary and tertiary institutions and receive prescription information."
  • 04:11:37 kcwu slackbot2's url: [Taiwan Seeks to Share Its Advances in Digital Healthcare – The Diplomat]
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  • 04:11:38 ⓢ ↵ Anyone who might work on those systems and talk about how they're constructed would make our engineers very happy!!
  • 07:36:08 ⓢ chihao Hi there :wave::skin-tone-3: maybe #covid19 is a good channel to poke around :grin: much happened there earlier this year re: mask maps, medical open data, etc.
  • 09:40:41 ⓢ caroline.smith Thank you! I'll head over there :slightly_smiling_face:
  • 09:53:22 ⓢ chihao <@U01AHTAEUJJ> ++ \o/ also #intl is a channel about international exchanges and so on :slightly_smiling_face:
  • 09:54:22 ⓢ chihao related to international exchanges, #summit is a channel about the upcoming g0v Summit 2020 :mountain:
  • 13:34:30 ⓢ aelcenganda @undefined Caroline posted a longer summary here
  • 16:32:00 ⓢ peggylo <@U01AHTAEUJJ> I've sent an email to you and NHIA's side. Feel free to use that email thread to contact NHIA for experience exchanging.
  • 16:32:01 ⓢ ↵ (I've DM you some backgroud info for better understaing the structure of NHIA~)
  • 17:48:15 ⓢ peggylo I've also updated in the full chat~
  • 23:34:19 ⓢ chewei #揪人 歡迎對於「臨時住宅與永久屋」相關設計圖與資料整理有興趣的朋友寫作這個構想~
  • 23:34:20 ⓢ ↵ https://g0v.hackpad.tw/jEoiuMS44dD
  • 23:34:21 kcwu slackbot2's url: [心家園:「臨時住宅與永久屋」建築設計與社區規劃的開放資料庫 - g0v.hackpad.tw]